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Romney has been facing pressure from both Democrats and Republicans on releasing more of his tax returns. The following is a list of some notable Republicans and conservative commentators (more than 20 have now com out urging Romney to release his returns):

“The costs of not releasing the returns are clear, therefore he must have calculated that there are higher costs in releasing them.”

“Here’s what he should do. He should release the tax returns tomorrow. This is crazy… you’ve got to release 6, 8, 10 years of back tax returns. Take the hit for a day or two.”

“Politically, I think that would help him. …In the scheme of things politically, you know, it looks like releasing tax returns is what the people want.”

  • Ron Paul, July 17, 2012
  • Source: Politico

“If you have things to hide, then maybe you’re doing things wrong. I think you ought to be willing to release everything to the American people.”

“If there’s nothing there, there’s no ‘there’ there, don’t create a ‘there.’ Put out as much information as you can. Even if you don’t release 12 years worth of tax returns, at least three, four, five. ”

“I think he should release his financial records and I think if he does it in July it would be a lot better than in October. Obviously people know he’s rich, nobody holds that against him. Whenever you are asking for the vote of the American people that you need to fully disclose what your holdings are, if you have any.”

  • Walter Jones, Republican Congressman from North Carolina
  • Source: CNN

“He should just release the stupid taxes and eliminate the Obama campaign tactic of insinuating he’s got something to hide. The Obama people are going to keep the issue alive and it has the potential of mushrooming into a bigger issue. It’s time to just pull off the band-aid.”

  • Ana Navarro, former advisor to John McCain
  • Source: Politico

“His personal finances, the way he does things, his record, are fair game.”

  • Pete Sessions, Republican Congressman from Texas and head of the National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Source: CNN
  • Context: Sessions declined to specify what level of detail or how many years worth of tax records Romney should release, but called it a “legitimate question.”

“There’s obviously something there, because if there was nothing there, he would say, ‘Have at it,’. So there’s obviously something there that compromises what he said in the past about something. Many of these politicians think, ‘I can do this. I can get away with this. I don’t need to do this, because I’m going to say something and I don’t have to do this.’ If he had 20 years of ‘great, clean, everything’s fine,’ it’d all be out there, but it’s arrogance.”

“There is no whining in politics. Stop demanding an apology, release your tax returns.”

  • John Weaver, Republican strategist
  • Source: USA Today

“Do promptly and cheerfully what you will eventually have to do anyway,”

“No matter who you are or what office you are running for, you should be as transparent as you can be with your tax returns and other aspects of your life so that people have the appropriate ability to judge your background.”

  • Rick Perry
  • Source: LA Times
  • Context: A Perry aide later stated that Perry was not specifically calling on Romney to release more tax returns, and instead insisted that Obama should release his college transcripts.

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