Stop This!

August 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

On August 14, 2012, Soledad O’Brien interviewed Romney surrogate John Sununu on Starting Point:

During the interview, Sununu repeated the false Republican talking point that Obama’s Affordable Care Act cuts $700 billion from Medicare spending. The Affordable Care Act does not cut any benefits or services from Medicare, nor does it take any money from the program. Soledad O’Brien clarified that this is not the case, but Sununu insisted, and went as far as accusing O’Brien of being a mouth piece for the White House:

“Soledad, stop this! All you’re doing is mimicking the stuff that comes out of the White House and gets repeated on the Democratic blog boards out there. If you’re going to mouth what comes out of the White House — Put a Obama bumper sticker on your forehead when you do this.”

O’Brien was correct, and although she even mentioned that independent analysis has also debunked this Republican talking point, Sununu refused to back down., The Washington Post, ABC News, and Politifact, among many others, have repeatedly debunked this claim.

On August 15, O’Brien revisited the matter, citing more facts and documents, saying:

“So while we here at ‘Starting Point’ always enjoy a healthy, even if at times heated, debate, when it comes to the facts, we like to hold all our guests accountable, including Gov. Sununu.”

CNN also laid out the facts on their website. Ironically, as Politifact points out, the $700 billion dollars which the Romney campaign calls “cuts” were supported by Republicans, including Paul Ryan.


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