Done Rather Well

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

“I think he’s done rather well, in fact. I mean, we are out of Iraq, which is a timetable that President Bush had established, and I think we are slowly turning over in Afghanistan in a sensible way. Sooner or later, the two countries, the two peoples – the Afghanistan population and the Iraqi population – have to take responsibility for their own destiny and their own future. So I think he’s handled that well. He hasn’t gotten us in any new conflicts. I think he has been vicious on terrorists with drone attacks, getting rid of Bin Laden, and things like that. I think he’s protected the country rather well.”

  • Colin Powell
  • Source: CNN (interview with Fareed Zakaria)
  • Context: Colin Powell praised President Obama on his foreign policy, although he stopped short of endorsing him as he did in 2008, saying that he is holding off until weighing all the issues. In the same interview, he criticizes the partisanship in Washington, which he says is the worst that he’s ever seen it in his 40 years in the capitol.

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