Getting Money Where The Money Is

October 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

In a video from 2002, taken surreptitiously without Romney’s knowledge and released by ABC News on March 2, 2012, Romney is shown boasting about how much federal help and tax payer funding he received when he was in charge of the Olympic Games. This contradicts his assertions that he was able to turn around the games with little or no assistance from the federal government or tax payer money, which he has used as a centerpiece for his 2012 presidential campaign.

  • Here are some of the highlights from the video:

“I am big believer in getting money where the money is. The money is in Washington.”

“I want to go after every grant, every project, every department in Washington to assure that we are taking advantage of economic development opportunities.”

  • Romney, who has more recently claimed that government cannot create jobs, talks about how government help can build economic and development opportunities:

“I have learned from my Olympic experience that if you have people who really understand how Washington works and have personal associations there you can get money to help build economic development opportunities.”

  • On the Olympics, Romney said:

“The whole winter games was a combination of the federal, state and local governments along with private enterprise.”

“We actually received over $410 million from the federal government for the Olympic games. That is a huge increase over anything ever done before and we did that by going after every agency of government.”

  • Romney even boasts about getting money from the Department of Education for the Olympic Games after a suggestion from a colleague:

“She said, ‘Why don’t I get the Department of Education to buy tickets to the Paralympics so that high school and grade school kids can go to the Paralympics?’ She literally got, I believe the number  was over $1 million from the Department of Education, funding to buy tickets for kids,” Romney said.  “This way we got kids there and we also got additional revenues that we wouldn’t have had.  That kind of creativity I want to bring to everything we do.”


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