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“This party, not to mince words, is unfit for government. There is no conservative party in the West – except for minor anti-immigrant neo-fascist ones in Europe – anywhere close to this level of far right extremism. And now the damage these fanatics can do is not just to their own country – was the debt ceiling debacle of 2011 not enough for them? – but to the entire world.”

  • Andrew Sullivan, conservative author, commentator, and blogger, December 21, 2012
  • Source: Enough!¬†(The Daily Beast)
  • Context: Andrew Sullivan, a conservative, has recently been at odds with the Republican Party, which he believes is too extreme and incompetent. In his article, titled¬†Enough!, he criticizes the Republican Party’s stance on economic, social, and political issues, calling its members “ideological zealots, indifferent to the consequences of their actions, contemptuous of the very to-and-fro essential for the American system to work, gerry-mandering to thwart the popular will, filibustering in a way that all but wrecks the core mechanics of American democracy.” He goes on to say:

“Enough. This faction and its unhinged fanaticism has no place in any advanced democracy. They must be broken. But the current irony is that no one has managed to expose their extremism more clearly than their own Speaker. His career is over. As is the current Republican party. We need a new governing coalition in the House – Democrats and those few sane Republicans willing to put country before ideology. But even that may be impossible.”


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