Without One Molecule of Brain

October 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

“I mean Romney, in the second [GOP primary] debate, said that it’s a ‘no brainer’ to build a fence across the border. Um, Alex, you’re talking about somebody right now without one molecule of brain based on his statement. Building a fence across the border would be wacky nuts! And here it is — that’s what he wants to do.”

  • Gary Johnson, former Republican and current Libertarian candidate for President, October 13, 2012
  • Source: Interview with Salon
  • Context: Gary Johnson was a Governor of New Mexico for eight years and ran for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, later deciding to run as a Libertarian instead. He was responding to a question about what keeps him going considering the odds stacked against him. His response was that he did not believe either candidate was proposing any real solutions, and mentioned Romney specifically.

It Doesn’t Add Up

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

“I have no idea where Mitt Romney stands on any of these issues. He talks about balancing the federal budget, the need to do that, but he says we should increase spending for the military and keep medicare in check. So I graduated from the second grade and it doesn’t add up.”

  • Gary Johnson, Former Republican Governor of New Mexico and current Libertarian candidate for President
  • Source: Fox News
  • Context: Gary Johnson had initially entered the 2012 presidential race as a Republican but then adopted the Libertarian platform.

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