The Franchise

August 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Ron would like to hand the franchise off to Rand. The Pauls are about money. They raised $47 million, and at least 5 of it was spent on the campaign. And a lot of the rest of it went into the pockets of Rand Paul family members and other hangers-on. It’s a great franchise, so we’re gonna try to hand the franchise to the idiot son. It’s not going to work, because when this is over, I think Johnson will have greater cache.”

  • Roger Stone, Republican lobbyist, consultant, and strategist, currently working for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson
  • Source: Interview with Esquire
  • Context: Stone was speaking on the friction between the Ron Paul campaign and the Johnson campaign. Specifically, he mentioned one instance where the Paul campaign refused to allow Johnson’s supporters to attend a speech at the Sun Dome. He accused Paul of funneling campaign contributions to his son and other supporters, in hopes of passing on his position to his son Rand in the future. Regarding the Republican Party snubbing Gary Johnson during the debates, Stone said that Johnson would be on the ballot in every state and votes for him would ultimately decide the election, taking votes away from Romney:

“So the party’s going to regret not allowing Johnson into the debates. All the national chairman had to do was pick up the phone to CNN and say, What are you doing, this guy’s a reputable candidate, why isn’t he being allowed? But they didn’t give us the time of day. And in politics, payback’s are a bitch.”


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