If They Knew

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

“[Romney] was more specific during the primaries. He was for self-deportation: he was for making it so miserable for immigrants in this country that they would simply leave the country. But Mitt Romney’s problem with a lot of these issues is the Republican Party’s problem with these issues. They cant tell you what they’re really for because if you knew what they were really all about, nobody would vote for them. The Republican Party uses immigration as a wedge issue, for instance; but they know full well that if they were to actually deport all 12 million or so illegal immigrants in this country, that various industries like agriculture would simply collapse.”

  • Ron Reagan Jr. Son of President Ronald Reagan, June 26th, 2012
  • Source: HARDBALL with Chris Mathews (video)
  • Context: Ron Reagan was commenting on the current Republican Party’s stance on immigration. His fathers 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act made amnesty possible for three million illegal immigrants.

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